Pomelos MBC S.L. is a company with a extensive lifelong experience in the distribution of wholesale grapefruit. This has allowed us to improve and progresively expand our service and product range up to now. Nowadays we can count on a large client list, exporting first class grapefruit to more than 15 countries arround the world with continuous growth day by day.

Our family business evolves with competitiveness in both nacional and international markets offering excellent response capabilities.

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  • More than 12 milion kg/year

    At this moment we are working all year round with national fruit from october to june and then we continue working with imported fruit from south africa. the reason for this is to mantain and offer a complete client service 365 days a year.

  • We grow with the client

    The reason for the mutual growth of the Company and our client base is the confidence and the capacity to adapt ourselves to any necesity. This question directs us towards a consistant loyalty with our client and, at the same time, makes us more competitive with our commercial objectives.

  • Commitment to the enviroment

    In Pomelos MBC S.L., we belive in a responsable and sustainable future. For this reason, we mantain a strong commitment to self-sufficiency of our own resources through a great infrastructure of solar energy panels resulting in a real self consumption of 50%.

  • 1.950
    Our company has its origines in the 50’s in the hands of its founder Miguel Barber Castillo. At the beginning, the business concentrated on oranges for the national market. Later he work with lemons and during the summers with melons, watermelons, tomatoes and other products from the region that call be pack and souls in the principal central markets of Madrid and Barcelona.
    In the 70’s his son, Miguel Barber Escriva became the business adminitrator. The experience of one and the eagerness of the other, took us to draw the lines that mark what the company is today: first of all, they concentrated on grapefruit and oranges, and little by little discarded the other products. Only a few years later they discarded oranges and left themselves with the grapefruit.
    Pomelos MBC was incorporated as a limited company, keeping a family structure. The company started to work internationally in the European Markets for example France and Germany, and later entered in Switzerland, Italy, England among others. The company recieved certifications such as IFS and Global Gap that we still mantain nowadays.
    This year and with a strong technical business motivation in marketing and economy, the 3rd generation with Miguel Barber García whose objective is to improve, even further, both the organizational processes and the future visión of the MBC Brand.
    Pomelos MBC S.L. is working all year round with national fruit from October to May/June aproximatly 12 milion kilos and off season we work with imported fruit from South Africa, aproximatly 1’5 milion kilos. The reason for this is to mantain a client service 365 days a year.
Excelent response
More than 50 years
of experience
More than 12 milion

Our brands

POMELOS MBC S.L. comercialize the following brands:


We meet the most demanding quality regulations that are periodically audited and revised by external companies to garanty the quality of our product.

The IFS food is and auditorial standard for companies that process foods or for companies that pack loose alimentary products.

This regulation covers all the production process of the certified products and all the subsequent agrucultural activities, until the momento the product is removed from the orchard.

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Feria FRUIT ATTRACTION Madrid 2019

  • 11/10/2019
  • Events

All prepared for Fruit Attraction 2019, International Fair of the Fruit and Vegetable Sector. Soon, we will inform you.


Pomelos MBC S.L in Salon fruits et legumes

  • 09/03/2019
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The meeting of professionals for the E.Leclerc chain on its Scarmor platform is very fruitful and interesting.


Pomelos MBC presents your new website

  • 01/02/2019
  • Corporativa

You can now enjoy the new website:


Below are our contact details for whatever need or doubt that you have:

Pomelos MBC S.L
Av. de l'Estatut, 5
46711 Miramar (València)

T: +34 962 81 91 08

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